Lou by Julien Neel


I want to recommended this fantastic movie. I saw it yesterday and I really want to see it again. Funny, colourful and I fall in love with the two main characters.


Lou is a 12 years old girl who lives with her mom in an beautiful apartment. She is crazy about her neighbour and takes pictures of him every day.

The story is very sweet, at the same time gives you a lot of meaning about live, about growing up and about mom- daughter relationship.

How influence one to another in their own life and  what is it to trust and have confident relationship with her. Beautiful!

In one point grandma also comes and is hilarious!!




Lou’s room all in pink, with the dolls house and full of different things, it is fantastic.


I love the mum room, with a magic treasure box where you go to a hidden chill out space. I really want to have one like that one!



There is also a cartoon comic mix and I found it brilliant! The colour palette and the action complete caught my eye.

I didn’t know but there are several volumes of Lou comic. I just ordered the first one!

I will let you know more about it when I received.

Here is the Lou trailer






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