Left hand

I am working with my inner child and exploring ways to communicate with her.

Following Lucia Capacchione’s suggestion about using your left hand to write what she says I did one page of the colouring book I am working on, using my left hand.

19 your needs are important to me


I have been doing this lettering work the past month and this page is completely different.

The idea of the colouring book, is to draw quotes about good things to say to your child. What he or she needs to hear from a fotos living parent.

After I fill them with colour. This colouring process is like a meditation. And in some way they go deep into my mind where my inner child can hear them.

It was interesting how different is to hold the pen with my left hand, also how the straight lines didn’t happen.

Here is the same phrase with my right hand.

your needs are important to mejpg


It’s funny how this inner dialogue started happening as soon I finished and put the two drawings together.

It is like they were speaking one to another, like if they were trying to make peace and start opening to a safe dialogue between them.

I can wait to put some colour on them and see what happens next!



One thought on “Left hand

  1. How fascinating. I am familiar with Lucia’s work but have not looked at any of her stuff for years. Mindful colouring in is all the rage now – it WAS around years ago, but then it was called mandala drawing 🙂 Showing my age now…. I also want to thank you for visiting my blog. truly appreciated.

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