Colouring book

25 Positive things to say to your child or inner one.

I create this book exploring ways to reconnect with my inner child. I have always  been fan of colouring books and I starting lettering what I wanted to be hear.

The process has been a good experience. I really have fun colouring the pages, it was like a meditation.

The subconscious has not time, is always now.

Repetition helps sending this new message of understanding and peace.

Also I found helpful to create images and see them.

Colouring books are great for this because you do the both action in one.

The quotes are simple, but profound and it’s been a joyful process to colouring all them.

It was great as well, meditating  about my son needs and how to be with him.

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Just send me an email if you want to colouring any page, and I will send it to you.

If you want the book I will update soon how you can get it.

Here are some of them with colour.

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